AuthorPhotoWendy Murray has enjoyed a long career as a national journalist and author. Her feature articles have garnered consistent awards and her professionalism has won the good will of fellow journalists nationally and internationally. Her cover stories and feature pieces have spanned a wide swathe of human interest stories and profiles, showing both fleetness of expression and depth at communicating complex and often sensitive stories. Throughout much of her career, after a life-shattering divorce, she fought the demon of depression and so writes as someone who has contended both in the arena of national journalism and also in the arena of shadows of depression.

The current void for up-to-date information on this issue of discontinuation of antidepressants; the pervasive need for help among those struggling with their meds; and the author’s personal story and journalistic expertise, all together, set the stage for an explosive examination.

This blog captures her signature writing voice coupled with her dogged reporting skills, inviting readers to join her in exploring an issue that is both timely and complex.

Wendy Murray served as regional correspondent for Time magazine in Honduras, Central America in the early 1990s, an associate editor at Christianity Today magazine from 1995 to 2000, and (the first female) Senior Writer at CT through 2005. Her feature essays have won awards consistently. She has published extensively in other journals, including, Publishers Weekly, Books & Culture, The Christian Century, and Twice her essays have been included in The Best Christian Writing, edited by John Wilson. She was cited in Brill’s Content as being numbered among the nation’s leading religion reporters. She has appeared on television numerous times, including on Chris Matthew’s Hard Ball and Religion & Ethics Newsweekly. She has been quoted or cited in all major national and international print news venues including The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Newsweek and Time magazine.

She served as Writer-in-Residence at Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts, in 2004 to 2005; and served as an adjunct in the Communication Arts department; through 2011; she led an International Seminar to Assisi, Italy in late May 2010 on “International Journalism & Writing.”

She has written ten nonfiction books and one novel, including (selected) The Beliefnet Guide to Evangelical Christianity (Doubleday 2005); Meet Me in Managua (Kregel, 2005); On Broken Legs (NavPress 2004); and Day of Reckoning, Columbine and the Search for America’s Soul (Brazos, 2001). Her most recent book, A Mended and Broken Heart, the Life and Love of Francis of Assisi, written in Assisi, Italy, came out in paperback in 2012 (Basic Books).