15 Tips for Quitting Antidepressants

15 Tips for Quitting Antidepressants

  • Approximately 32,000,000 Americans are currently taking an antidepressant
  • Among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four
  • Nearly two-thirds of patients who had been given a diagnosis of depression did not meet the criteria for major depressive episode
  • Antidepressants taken during pregnancy increase risk of autism by 87 percent
  • Antidepressants produce changes in sleep pattern, changes in gastrointestinal function, changes in sexual functioning, worsened anxiety and agitation, suicidal thoughts and ‘blunting of emotions’
  • The pharmaceutical industry has been found skewing test results for favorable approval
  • SSRI withdrawal effects are brutal and long lasting

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“Wendy Murray has written a highly accessible and practical book for anyone considering tapering from antidepressants. Although many physicians will lead you to believe this is a simple and straightforward process, most people’s experiences–including Wendy’s own–indicate otherwise. In this highly personal and beautifully written account, she not only prepares you for the journey by telling you what to expect, Wendy provides essential tips one will need to obtain an antidepressant-free life. I also highly recommend the book to anyone with a loved one who is either considering tapering from their antidepressant or currently
experiencing the ravages of antidepressant withdrawal.”
–Todd McKerchar, Ph.D. (behavioral psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology,
Jacksonville State University)
You will learn:
  1. The time needed to plan for a successful taper
  2. Helpful tools for scheduling it optimally
  3. Ways to diminish your dosage so that your every-day life is not overwhelmed
  4. How to monitor and manage symptoms
  5. Ways to be your own coach and help yourself succeed


15 Tips for Quitting Antidepressants will help:

  • anyone on antidepressants who is considering getting off of them
  • anyone trying to taper but who has suffered and not yet realized success
  • anyone who has a friend or loved one on antidepressants or who is trying to taper off of them


About Wendy:

author-photo-1.jpgWendy Murray is an award-winning journalist and author who fought depression after a painful divorce. She understands the debilitating effects of antidepressants and the struggle associated with quitting them. Her website www.survivingSSRIs.com exists to support those suffering from the harsh effects of antidepressants and those suffering in their attempt to quit them. She is the author of several books, including A Mended and Broken Heart, the Life and Love of Francis of Assisi (Basic Books) and a novel, The Warrior King (Ecco Qua Press).