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This site is all about my story of successfully getting off antidepressants after over 10 years of taking them. It’s written by me --Wendy Murray-- and the stories and research are mine.

My goal and purpose is write clearly, cogently and sympathetically about the acute and often debilitating struggle to get off antidepressants in a way that any reader can understand and (hopefully) benefit from. It is not my goal or intention to render medical advice or to presume to know what is best for respective readers. Decisions about medications ought to be made in consultation with a physician.


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If you are visiting for the first time: To begin the journey and follow it in its intended sequence, start by reading the first blog entry titled "My Life with Antidepressants." This will orient you to the blog and also position you to begin reading the posts as they unfold chronologically.

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Comments policy.  Wendy gladly entertains comments on her posts. She will engage, if only minimally, when readers comment and will gladly answer any questions her readers may pose asking for clarification on a post. Wendy will delete any comments that are vitriolic, hate-filled and otherwise used for personal attack. This kind of conduct has no place in public discourse. She also deletes links.