Growing Tension Among Psychiatrists

August 5, 2016By WendyAbout SSRI-s, Psychiatrists, Survivng Antidepressants No Comments

In an article in The British Medical Journal (BMJ) (July 4, 2016), editor Richard Smith highlights salient points from the recent meeting of psychiatrists and mental health experts in Leiden, the Netherlands. The meeting had convened to celebrate 50 years of the journal Geneesmiddelenbulletin that provides independent advice on prescribing. Featured speakers included Allen Frances, … Read More

Free Giveaway ~ New Book “15 Tips for Quitting Antidepressants”

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Limited offer:  Subscribe here and you’ll receive a free PDF of the Introduction & Chapter 1~ FREE Subscribe to our mailing list “In this personal and beautifully written account, Wendy prepares you for the journey by telling you what to expect and provides essential tips to obtain an antidepressant-free life.”             —Todd … Read More

My Plan for Quitting Antidepressants ~ Take the Long View

April 11, 2016By WendyAbout SSRI-s, Discontinuing Antidepressants, Survivng Antidepressants, Third and Final Attempt, Wendy's Story 2 Comments

I had already navigated two misfires in my attempt to get off my antidepressants(read about the first here; about the second, here). When at long last I broached my third (and what I had determined would be my last) attempt, I had a very clear sense about what was required to succeed. The first unshakeable reality … Read More

How SSRIs Work

March 21, 2016By WendyAbout SSRI-s, Survivng Antidepressants 1 Comment

The key to understanding why these symptoms show themselves as they do lies in the chemical manipulations caused in the brain when a person is taking an SSRI. The term itself — ‘Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors’ — is a roundabout way of saying these drugs inhibit the natural recycling of serotonin. In simpler terms, it is … Read More

SSRIs Are Overprescribed and Difficult to Stop

March 21, 2016By WendyAbout SSRI-s, Survivng Antidepressants 3 Comments

The first SSRI–Prozac–was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1987. In 1988, according to the New York Times, approximately 2,500,000 prescriptions were dispensed. By 2008 that number had increased to approximately 33,000,000, and the number of Americans taking antidepressants in 2013 had ballooned to one in 10. The number among women in their … Read More